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Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs assures Dr. Hijab of his government's commitment

Date Posted: 27 February 2016

Dr. Riad Hijab received a call on Friday 26 February 2016 from Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Stephane Dion.  The Canadian Minister assured Dr. Hijab of his government's commitment in support of the Syrian cause and to continue its diplomatic efforts to ensure the success of the truce, and in pursuing peaceful efforts to reach planned negotiations and reduce the suffering of the Syrian people.

For his part, Dr. Hijab confirmed that all the armed opposition groups had committed to the truce, and reiterated that the High Negotiations Committee continues to do its utmost to support the peace process to achieve the political transition through the establishment of a transitional governing body with full executive authority.  Dr. Hijab also reiterated the HNC’s aims to preserve state institutions and to restructure the security and military institutions, without Assad and his clique.

Dr. Hijab expressed to the Minister his appreciation for the Canadian government’s humanitarian policy of hosting Syrian refugees and supporting their just cause.

Dr. Hijab also received a call from US Secretary of State John Kerry who reiterated his belief in that a real opportunity exists for achieving peace in Syria and for alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.

Secretary Kerry reaffirmed the United States’ pledge to do its utmost to ensure the success of the truce, bringing an end to the indiscriminate military operations against civilian targets, lifting the siege, enabling access for the delivery of humanitarian aid and pressing the Syrian regime to halt its military offensive on various Syrian towns and particularly, in Darayya, which will begin to receive aid by Saturday.

Dr. Hijab, emphasised the HNC’s keenness to support all sincere international efforts for achieving a political transition in Syria, clearly demonstrated by its announcement to accept the truce.

Dr. Hijab stressed that the regime and its allies must not be permitted to violate the truce or continue to target populated areas through aerial and artillery bombardment under the pretext of fighting terrorism.  He pointed that the credibility of the international community hinges on whether it fulfils its commitments in stopping the violations against the Syrian people.