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In his meeting with the Canadian Foreign Minister: Hijab warns of the danger of supporting separatist projects on the whole region

Date Posted: 20 September 2017

Dr. Riad Hijab, the General Coordinator of the High Negotiation Committee (HNC), accompanied by members of the committee, met with the Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, where the two sides discussed the latest developments in the Syrian arena.

Dr. Hijab stressed the commitment of the High Negotiation to moving forward in support of the UN negotiations to achieve political transition, adding that "the HNC did not refrain from contacting any considerable parties in order to represent the demands of the Syrian people, alleviate its suffering and achieve its interests."


Dr. Hijab also highlighted the HNC's invitation to Moscow to join the efforts of the international community to implement UN resolutions on the Syrian issue, Pointing out that the High Negotiation Committee has called and continues to call for the establishment of a collective security system that achieves strategic partnership with the international forces to create a comprehensive program to confront the threats to global security, address the danger of extremist groups and combat the expansion of sectarian militias that threatens the security of the entire region.


He also warned of the danger of external support for "separatist projects proposed by political minorities speaking on behalf of population groups without authorization," stressing that the attempt to repeat the Iraqi situation in Syria will have serious consequences on the neighboring countries.


In this regard, the General Coordinator referred to the previous experiences, which he considered to prove that "the attempts to turn Syria into several functional entities will lead to further chaos and failure, because it will prevent the country from restoring itself politically, economically and socially."

The meeting comes during a visit by a delegation from the High Negotiation Committee, headed by Dr. Riad Hijab, to New York City on the sidelines of the current UN General Assembly meeting.