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Hijab:The overthrow of the regime is a necessity and we are not authorized to concede

Date Posted: 06 August 2017

Dr. Riad Hijab, the general coordinator of the HNC, met on Saturday –via Skype- with the heads of local councils, members of the Daraa governorate council, the head of Quneitra province, along with popular leaders and a number of public opinion leaders.

 The meeting stressed the commitment of all parties to the principles of the revolution and the overthrow of the Assad regime and its symbols and pillars, along with the need to work on the unity of Syrian territory and the Syrian state and the inclusion of the truce for all Syrian territory and rejection of all the partition projects. 

The leaders of the province of Daraa stressed that the file of detainees is above negotiation and not subject to it, and stated that it is a prerequisite for any negotiation process and demonstrates the seriousness of the counterparty to reach a political solution.


They also stressed the importance of continuous communication and coordination between the external and internal wing of the revolution instead of falling into the trap of self-depletion that would impede the performance of the political revolution.


For his part, Hijab that the world must realize that what is happening in Syria is not a struggle for power, but a people's revolution against tyranny, adding that "what happened in Syria is the result of the political failure of the current regime in the administration of the country;  He said:" If we only represent opposition, we may give up things and gain things in exchange for our own interests, "adding that" we represent the demands of our people and we are not authorized to relinquish them, because the legitimacy of our existence depends on the extent of our performance towards those demands, honestly and sincerely"