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In a written letter to Dr. Hijab, the French president confirms his commitment to continue supporting the opposition

Date Posted: 06 August 2017

French President Emmanuel Macaron sent a written letter to the General Coordinator of the HNC, Dr. Riad Hijab, in which he affirmed France's commitment to continue to support the Syrian opposition and to strengthen its efforts in achieving political transition.

France shall try to achieve:

"The direct involvement of the international community in the solution of the Syrian crisis, while ensuring greater mobilization of the permanent members of the Security Council,"  Macaron said


Speaking about the need to continue to communicate with the Higher Negotiations Authority to advance the political process in Syria, McCron stressed his personal interest in the proposals made by the opposition to set a new dynamic for the political process. "In order to receive your valuable proposals, which I will pay the most attention, Frank Jelle Ambassador for Syria and my team in the diplomatic corps, shall follow up the dialogue with you and they will be at your disposal now"