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Hijab receives a phone call from French President Emmanuel Macron

Date Posted: 04 July 2017

The General Coordinator of the Higher Negotiation Committee (HNC), Dr. Riad Hijab received a telephone call from French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday evening, July 4th 2017, which dealt with the latest developments concerning the Syrian issue. The General Coordinator asserted the HNC’s total commitment to the political solution, and its absolute cooperation with UN mediation through the Geneva negotiations, and the need to convince Moscow and its allies of the impossibility of resolving the conflict in Syria through military operations.


Dr. Hijab warned of the dangers of escalation in the country by Iran and its affiliated militias which are pushing towards partition, calling to spare the Syrians from the scourge of war and to protect them from the crimes that Bashar Al-Assad and his regime are committing against civilians.


In this regard, Dr. Hijab stressed that Bashar Al-Assad had lost legitimacy after being repeatedly responsible for using chemical weapons against his own people. He said that Assad’s presence in office helps spreading chaos, strengthens the role of terrorist organizations, brings more sectarian militias, and fuels sectarian discrimination and hatred.


Dr. Hijab saw that the most effective way to close this file is to bring Assad and all those who have been responsible for committing violations against the Syrians to trial and to ensure that they are not exempt from punishment. He warned that Iran should not be allowed to achieve its ambitions of regional expansion and spreading chaos in the countries of the region.


At the end of the call, Dr. Hijab expressed his immense gratitude to the French President for his personal attention to the Syrian issue, which reflects the importance of efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis at the highest levels of the French government. He also wished for French coordination and support to continue in order for Geneva talks to reach positive results that have a positive impact on the Syrian people.