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Hijab: The regime is not serious in the political process

Date Posted: 14 May 2017

"The actual negotiations with the regime have not started yet, as the international mediation has been in place for several years,"  Riad Hijab, the General coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee, HNC, said.

This came during the participation of Dr. Hijab at the 17th Doha Forum in the Qatari capital on Sunday, in which he stressed that the survival of Bashar Assad is no longer possible under the new equation, stressing that the battle today is "a conflict between urbanization and democracy on the one hand, and the forces of extremism and tyranny on the other, A battle in which half-solutions cannot be used, and there is no justification for the appeasement of the adversary. "

He explained that the restoration of security and the maintenance of state institutions and strengthening national cohesion in Syria, will have a significant impact in the strengthening of regional security and international security, "adding that the HNC launched in September its vision of the transitional phase in accordance with the Geneva Statement 2012 and UN resolutions. He pointed out that the vision aims to create a pluralistic system based on the principles of citizenship, human rights and the rule of law. It, also,  affirms the political neutrality of the army and the armed forces and turns the security services into professional institutions that safeguard the sovereignty and independence of the state and protect public freedoms.

He said that the external vision of the HNC is "flexibility, political realism and the absence of preconditions in our international contacts and diplomatic relations, and we do not hesitate to communicate with any authority to represent the demands of the Syrian people and achieve their interests."

He pointed out that the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition are part of the global battle against terrorism. He pointed out that the revolutionaries are currently engaged in fierce battles against these groups which were taken from the environment of conflict, hatred and sectarian tension,  recruiting the  young and deceiving them.

He said  "We are continuing our efforts to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people to achieve security and stability," he said, calling for the establishment of a regional security system that achieves a "strategic partnership" in confronting cross-border militias and combating extremist groups that threaten global stability and stability.