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Dr. Hijab to the Turkish foreign minister: "Freedom is indivisible and Iran cannot be a guarantor of the political process"

Date Posted: 24 April 2017

A delegation from the Higher Negotiations Committee chaired by the General Coordinator of the Committee, Dr. Riad Hijab, met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Oglu Monday morning, April 24 at the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara. Dr. Hijab stressed "The fight against terrorism in all its forms, including state terrorism and the religious and social terror groups that are fed and supported by the regime," pointing out that the regime terrorism cannot be replaced by the terrorism of the extremist groups since the freedom demanded by the Syrian people is indivisible.

Dr. Hijab pointed to the intention of the Higher Negotiation Committee in all its components to "engage in all international and regional initiatives dedicated to stopping the suffering of the Syrians," stressing that "the people of the areas controlled by Daesh are capable of liberating their areas if the international community showed seriousness in supporting them to achieve this goal.

Dr. Hijab ruled out the possibility of Iran's role as guarantor of the political process, saying that the Iranian role represents the fundamental problem in increasing the suffering of the Syrian people, and committing the other violations against them like the siege, killing and forced displacement.

Hijab also called on Russia to "assume its responsibility in accordance with UN resolutions, and stop supporting the regime in its violations against the Syrian people, because the relationship with successive regimes is temporary while the relationship with the people remains constant.

Hijab cited the results of the democratic referendum and the people's stand with their leadership for the sake of a comprehensive renaissance and cultural progress, stressing that Turkey represents a model worthy of respect in the areas of political and economic development.