Gentiloni in the Italian capital Rome today


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High Negotiations Committee meets with the Italian Foreign Minister Paulo Gentiloni

Date Posted: 11 July 2016

An HNC delegation held a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister, Paulo Gentiloni in the Italian capital Rome today.  The HNC General Coordinator, Dr. Riad Hijab thanked the Italian government for its stance in support of the legitimate demands of the Syrian people and for its continued efforts to push for a political solution, in consideration of the fundamental rights of the Syrian people.

Dr. Hijab praised Italian diplomacy which continues to maintain an active role in the Syrian issue.  He congratulated Mr. Gentiloni on Italy’s imminent membership to the UN Security Council in 2017, emphasizing that it represents an important opportunity to consolidate cooperation for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis. 

During the meeting, the HNC delegation confirmed the Committee’s full commitment to a political solution, whilst reiterating that the most effective way to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people lies in the immediate and unconditional adherence to all relevant UN resolutions, in particular articles 12, 13 and 14 of UNSCR 2254, which demand:  lifting the siege imposed on cities and regions, enabling access to humanitarian agencies to deliver aid, the release of all detainees and ceasing aerial and artillery bombardment against civilians and civilian targets. 

Dr. Hijab warned against further deterioration of the current situation in Syria which will impact the entire international community.   He stressed that allowing the regime to continue violating the fundamental rights of the Syrian people would foster more terrorism, strengthen the extremist forces and lead to further illegal migration to Europe and other countries. 

Along with this meeting, the HNC delegation met with the UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura.  The delegation stressed the need for the UN to apply a new strategy to push the peace process by adopting a more assertive policy towards the violations and abuses of the regime against the Syrian people.   Further, the delegation stressed the need for new ideas and approaches prior to proposing holding a fourth round of negotiations in Geneva.   New approaches need to include more firmness towards the delaying tactics of the regime and its continued violation of the fundamental rights of the Syrian people.  A time-frame and a clear, serious agenda, in accordance with binding UN resolutions must be in place, enhanced and enforceable UN control mechanisms to stop the bombing of civilians must be devised and the introduction of penal policies in conjunction with any breach, manipulation or delay must be firm and clearly implemented.  All this must be in conjunction with  real achievements on the ground whilst also promoting and encouraging a good-will environment for negotiations through the implementation of the humanitarian demands of UNSCR 2254, in particular, the cessation of violence, alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people, lifting of sieges, the delivery of aid to those in need, the release of detainees, effecting a moratorium on executions and ceasing all arbitrary measures exercised by the regime against civilians.