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Meeting convenes in Munich

Date Posted: 11 February 2016

Munich, Germany

During a meeting convened in Munich with the International Support Group for Syria (consisting of 17 countries), the HNC rejected any formula for a ceasefire in Syria until the removal of Assad.

The General Coordinator of the Committee, Dr. Riad Hijab confirmed that negotiations have resulted in an agreement to hold a temporary truce with the aim of halting the hostilities waged against the Syrian people. He stressed that the agreement to hold the truce is conditional on the approval of opposition military leaders in the northern and southern fronts of the country.   He added that there will be intensive consultations with these leaders during the next week, while also ensuring the continuation of our support for them, and that the truce will not be upheld until the consent of all groups of the armed opposition.

Dr. Hijab confirmed that concerning the humanitarian track, it has been agreed that it shall be outside the political negotiation’s framework;  a committee will be formed from the Vienna Group to oversee the application of the terms of UNSCR 2254, in particular articles 12 and 13 which state ending the siege and blockades, enabling access for humanitarian aid, the release of all detainees, especially women and children, the cessation of aerial and artillery bombardment of civilians and civilian targets, and that all parties shall immediately honour their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, in addition to a moratorium on executions.  Dr. Hijab confirmed that the  committee will commence its work next Saturday.